Video Analysis

Why Video Analysis?
Zeroing in to the essence of the Movement Pattern is what it’s all about.  Our Dartfish TV video collection breaks down world-class performances and includes detailed animated demonstrations of the ideal skill performances.  Through this library, the essence of the movements can be clearly identified.

Watching Dartfish TV
Precis Velo has created an extensive video library filled with annotated examples of world-class performances of the Performance Movement Patterns.  This library is housed in the Precis Velo Dartfish TV Video Collection.  Each video showcases a different skill in a different race scenario, from time trials to sprint finishes.  As Precis Velo clients, coaches and athletes have complete access to the entire Precis Velo library.

The Performance Movement Patterns in Cycling Video Collection covers each movement pattern. Topics range from basic principles to step-by-step instruction and pointers to guide you through each movement pattern.  Discover optimal position on the bike; learn about the major performance issues which keep athletes from improving. Quality time spent in this Video Collection will set the stage to better understand what athletes are doing on the road as they ride tempo, climb or perform in a triathlon or time trial.

The Dartfish TV annotation features allow us to demonstrate the Performance Movement Patterns in a very focused and detailed way.  We zoom in on the key movements, timing and consistency to give athletes a clear picture of the skills in action.

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This video clip has been slowed to 0.5x speed. Below the timeline, you will find a pair of symbols that indicate “Previous or Next Marker”. Toggling these will take you through the important Key Positions. You can also toggle on the arrow at the top right corner, which will lead to a list of the same Key Positions or the next video in your selection. All videos in the collection are fully annotated; a companion version is included at 0.5x speed for most athlete performances. You may have noticed that the athlete is displayed within a box: the “clone rectangle”. This Dartfish feature makes it possible to compensate for the movement of the athlete across the screen. Once the image is stabilized, it becomes possible to identify exactly what they are actually doing, allowing both coach and athlete to observe the quality of the movement in detail. This analysis becomes the basis for the individualized training program.

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