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Précis Velo has developed the science, practical analysis and coaching features of the cycling specific movement patterns. The coach can now bring fresh and powerful insights to bear on athlete development, through video assessment, detailed instruction and sound physiological and power-measuring training protocols. This flexible training system allows the coach to identify the athlete's skill level and craft an individualized program for optimal performance. It's vital, especially with beginning athletes, to reinforce skill in training and racing from the very first day.

For many in the cycling world, these ideas will be disruptive, though. They conflict with the idea that conditioning, aerodynamics and nutrition are the only path to success on the bike. The reality is that repetition of disorganized movement will limit a rider's efficiency, performance and development on the bike.

The program includes three integrated instructional toolkits. As a whole, these toolkits provide all the elements of a well-rounded training system. The three components of the Performance Movement Patterns program are:

The Performance Movement Patterns Video Analysis Collection

Video Analysis With Dartfish Software and Coaching Support
The Performance Movement Patterns Book

Performance Movement Patterns Subscription Video Collection
Précis Velo has created an extensive video library filled with annotated examples of animations and athlete performances. This library is housed in the Précis Velo Channel at Dartfish TV and available on a subscription basis. Discover the technology that other sports benefit from to improve athletic performance in cycling. Topics range from basic principles to step-by-step instruction and pointers to guide you through each movement pattern.

Discover optimal position on the bike from a performance perspective; learn about the major performance issues which keep athletes from improving. Quality time spent in this Video Collection will set the stage to better understand what athletes are doing on the road as they ride tempo, climb or test themselves in a triathlon or time trial.

Explore the Precis Velo Video Collection

Working with Precis Velo
Video Analysis
Précis Velo offers individualized Video Analysis via the Dartfish software and Dartfish.TV system. With your athletes' uploaded videos, we provide specific feedback and recommendations via the Dartfish annotation features. These annotated videos become part of your Video Collection and can be used to track athletes' progress as they develop and hone the skills. Video can be shot either indoors on the trainer or outdoors.

Online Coaching Support
Précis Velo also offers online conversations with coaches and athletes. These online conversations provide detailed feedback and explanation of the analysis performed on each athlete's uploaded videos. Contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance your coaching with additional online support.

Coaching Tools
We've designed a series of detailed coaching tools. Use these resources to deepen your understanding of the Performance Movement Patterns and improve your work with your clients. Road, Triathlon and Track programs can be downloaded from the web site. In addition, you will find instructions for videotaping at that site.

Big Picture Flowchart Positioning and Learning
Building Blocks Self Paced Flow Chart
Club Coach Welcome Time Trials
Effective Coaching Visual Distractions
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Glossary Working with Precis Velo
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