Womens’ Triathlon. Rio 2016

Womens’ Triathlon. Rio 2016.

Draft legal, which makes it vitally important to remain close to the leaders in the sprint. Athletes used standard bikes, presumably due to the climb or because they are riding in a pack?

Jorgensen, who went on to win the event, rides with a marked TPR.

Riders, for the most part weight shift well on the climb, an integral part of the SBHH component of the Pro style; a few seem to push the handlebars from side to side. Performances had a mix of the Pro style, purer SBHH and TPR. But you can always be fooled by the camera perspective. These are views from the front, some from the moto behind the group.

A Brazilian rider getting dropped, her PMP rather limited, but seemed to get back in the mix on the flat section.

I thought the video from this event was rather good; you could get a sense for how people were performing.  Amazing when the announcer proclaims that “almost everybody has ridden a bike” and therefore just needs some training to participate in an event. While that gets people in the sport, you clearly need to know How of ride a bike, as these athletes have demonstrated. That may be because they are using their road bikes, on a TT bike, the quality of climbing may drop off considerably for some.