Women’s Road Race Rio 2016

Women’s Road Race.

Jottings, a German rider with limited weight shifting, rather choppy roll motion, and a bit loose on the cobbles as short as they were. Kristin Armstrong and Bronzini later on, the only ones I could tell with a distinct weight shifting on the handle bars. Speaking of Armstrong, missed the TT, but caught a very brief clip in the news: it had all the key elements, great skill set seated and outstanding off saddle climb, pro style- better than good. On the TT bike nonetheless, which is super hard to do, as low as the grips are.

A breakaway, these tend to be successful in the Olympics, though this is the only women’s racing ever on TV. The camera work, generally quite good.

As one climb approached, Evelyn Stevens, great weight shifting on the handle bars. By the way, I’m focusing more on that feature. Quite clear in views from the front. Mara Abbott, very compact off saddle climbing, great SBHH, what a workhorse, clawing back. In the final stretch, getting off the saddle so frequently was not a good sign, though holding on to skill. Sad to see the lead rider Van Vleuten crash hard, those curbs are unforgiving, hopes of a win dashed, these athletes bounce back so well. Expected more wipe outs from the women, they may have been more careful on the descent.