Stage 11-12, plus a Triathlon

Stage 11. Carcassonne – Montpellier.

Sagan led the charge, Froome at max effort to join in the cross winds. 2 members of each Tinkoff and Sky, each with a single minded purpose of reaching the finish line and gaining time or a win. All 4, pro style Hybrid. Very exciting, with the best riders leading the festivities.


A triathlon along the way, South Africa.

Annabel Loxford hints of the SBHH. Off saddle on a climb, spectacular with the SBHH which seals the deal on her skill set. Nice weight shift on the handlebars.

I am prob destroying the names. Marco Albert? Both SBHH, gaining time, related to PMPC on the bike?

Overall, from what I have seen, Triathletes are not stellar skill-wise on the bike. Those 2 riders restore some faith.


Stage 12. Montpellier – Mont Ventoux.

De Gendt looking quite sharp, Bardet supple off saddle.

Was Froome playing fatigued earlier on? We saw a small chapter of his uphill accelerations, which are fun to practice.