Men’s MTB race, Rio 2016

Men’s MTB race.

A suggestion of sidebeding and weight shifting while off saddle. MTB has been somewhat of a question mark as far as how much of the PMP’s, and which actually enter into the picture. The camera work was excellent considering the terrain, much better than I recall from London. Safe to say PMP’s are in full display from these athletes, though a bit narrower range compared with a road bike, and more limited weight shift due to the wider hand and orientation of the hand. Still a mystery why the bars are horizontal.


Sagan in 3rd, how did he ever get himself there early on? Solid weight shifting. Conceptually the same principle of rider development, presenting varying challenges to the athletes to emphasize reconnect with skill sets in a different way. Positive for their road events. As opposed to a road event in which the adaptation is carried over a relatively long time. vs. the MTB event in which adaptations or recalibrations occur at a furious pace. So it may pay to perform the PMP over a narrow ROM yet be able to expand it as needed. What would a Sagan sprint have looked like?

Riders powering up a slope off saddle with the SBHH, a French rider the TPR. Looks like several approaches to slice it, much like on the road bike. This is getting interesting!