Fixed Gear Classic, Blaine, MN. 060713

A few notes on Friday’s edition of the Fixed Gear Classic at the NSC Velodrome, Blaine MN. Basically I’m following the order in the start list, the notes at hand and have but a MN second (vs NY minute) to make the observation. When there is great clarity in the movement skill, it makes my job relatively easy. When there is no clarity, then it’s not and you may not even make it into the discussion. So we begin with Leon van Bon, quite a notable roll motion of the torso and pelvis, and certainly very good on the SBHH as well. Joseph Marshall, significant bop of the head during a high effort in a sprint, and you do see the same from elite road sprinters, but as far as I can tell it detracts from the performance, and in this case the torso/pelvis lacked clarity. Same for Fred Mills on one occasion. One notable, Dan Casper TPR skill set off the saddle for effective accelerations and resorts to the SBHH during a scratch race/Madison Kilo with a very nice flow of movement, good tie in with the hip hike. However, in the sprint (if I recall) he fell apart, it’s a sprint, keep the same skill set, nice flow and magnify the whole (I know he is not a sprinter but no reason he can’t surprise someone). Did like John McGuire in the Madison Kilo, great SBHH skill set. Also honorable mention to Andrew Kruse. Then we turn to the ladies, Valerie McGoldrick, appears to rely on a roll motion, some low level bounce on the saddle (all of which is less apparent with lower gears) and wasn’t quite able to put a skill set in play. Jennifer Zierke, in the Win/out race, a nice off saddle acceleration TPR. Tara McCormick very nice SBHH on the Keirin, and finally Cari Higgins who (as we all know) delivers an excellent SBHH. We do know that right? Wish I had had a better look of Shelby Reynolds, Dana Feiss and Tela Crane. Maybe next time.

“Where are the younger athletes AND their coaches?” They ought to be in the stands with eyes glued on high level performances. “See that? That’s what we are practicing tomorrow.” You get the idea.

Many thanks to the organizers, volunteers and the Nature Valley grand Prix for attracting high quality talent to town! Great job.