US Pro Championships 2013. Chattanooga, TN

Men’s Road Race. Some decent views of Chris Butler climbing (and also seated later on) with a very marked-exaggerated SBHH sequence, and Lukas Euser with what amounts to a Roll sequence while off the saddle. Tyler Wren leading the field, climbing off saddle with a Roll motion, appears to be quite effective at that. Later on in the waning km of the race I get a look at Phillip Gaimont with an effective Roll of the torso which is accompanied by a hike motion. As the chase overtakes him I would have liked to see if his movement pattern was falling apart or it was a surge of the chase, since it was a rather small chase and he had a 30 sec lead with 18 km to go. Nothing to report of the final sprint, the views were not illuminating.

Turning over to the Time Trial, it’s Thomas Zirbel’s day with a decisive Torso rotation accompanied by a hike motion, very steady on the saddle. While Nathan Brown delivered a SBHH motion.

Some stuff to report from the Women’s race, of note was Jade Wilcoxson’s ride in the road race. On the flat she rolls the torso and hikes the pelvis, though very bouncy on the saddle, which was surprising to see. Her overall technique is very similar to Zirbel’s, but he is active yet steady on the saddle. When she moves off saddle, it’s curtains for Kristin McGrath (I think), and her TPR skill set (which may have had a hike motion embedded) is far more accurate than seated. That appears to be her strength, by far. She may benefit from sitting back on the saddle.

A few views of the time trial, at the finish line the camera appears to have been located in the 10th row, maximizing viewing obstructions. Some views of Carmen Small, but I could not quite see what the skill set was, and the lack of contrast in the skin suit does not help in that regard. Now that Womens’ cycling appears to be getting better views and opportunities, why not show what and how they perform a high level of quality. Really would have liked to see more of the climbing, and off saddle in particular. Next year as they say.