2016 Rio Olympics

Men’s Road Race.

A smattering of notes on the race. Pauwels, transitioning from the Hybrid Pro style to the TPR while off saddle, indicating great abilities to adapt the PMP to the race conditions, early in the race.

68 km to go. The 2 leaders looking quite iffy on the climb.

G Thomas, a distinct SBHH on the climb, seated and on the hoods.

Overall, a very busy TV schedule from NBC, yet the video feed was rather good. Nice opportunities to check out the skill sets and at the same time get a sense for how the race developed. Same for the women’s race the following day.

Can’t say it often enough, the Alaphillipe kid is good. Off saddle, climb, so fluid Pro style, great example. Fighting, skilled to the end.

One impression just a bit later of Froomes left paraspinals at work on the Left hip hike. If your observational skills are well honed, so many details you begin to tease out, makes for a more interesting viewing experience.

So many fortunes changed with the falls on the descent, brutal. And when you thought Majka was about to take it, Van Avermaet and Fuglsang had other ideas. Majka was tiring- skill set appeared more labored, Sherwen missed it while van de Velde caught it a bit later. Credit Van Avermaet and Fuglsang for peeling off the chase group and deciding they had a chance to win.